Paul Naschy – Thank you el Hombre Lobo

The cinema of Paul Naschy / Jacinto Molina is special, and the man himself-the brains and brawn behind Waldemar Daninsky, Gotho the Hunchback and Alaric de Marnac-was a truly special individual.

Paul Naschy passed away in a year that found his work being restored and unleashed on the world once more… He signed autographs for his new comic book works with Javier Trujillo… He saw statues of his characters produced…he wrote novels of Alaric de Marnac. And he could look back at a film career that exemplified the success of a fan of the cinema made good.
Paul Naschy left us not looking back at what was, but looking ahead and expanding his imagination. I’m grateful that he was able to enjoy this year.

I could write for hours about how important his films are to me, his unique (to say the least) interpretation of the icons of the fantastic cinema are dearer to me than most of the original stories that inspired him!

I will always enjoy his films and look forward to seeing every thing he has created in recent years find an audience all around the world.

Thank you Paul Naschy, I know many people that love you and your work… we will always remember you and appreciate the stories of werewolves, hunchbacks and tragic heroes you gave us!


4 thoughts on “Paul Naschy – Thank you el Hombre Lobo

  1. Thank you, Dave, for an excellent eulogy. Like you, this loss has really gutted me. It's really hard to put into words how much this man's work… this MAN has meant to me over the years.

    I was lucky enough to meet him 3 or 4 times and he was always so sweet and generous. I will miss him terribly.

    Mike Howlett


  2. Nice appreciation Z. I'm glad to have enjoyed Naschy's work while this wonderful and enthusiastic horror fan and filmmaker was still with us. Ryan seems to enjoy a good scare and I look forward to a day when she and I can settle in on the couch and enjoy some of El Hombre Lobo's monster mashes together.


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