Cat Man! A Hero for a Friday Morning!

Friday! Time for some comics and a favorite character of mine to shine. Cat Man is one of the best of the Holyoke Comics characters in my opinion, and he truly does seem to have nine lives because he is constantly coming back for more action. Maybe having a side kick called Kitten helps? Here are a few images and at the bottom…THE ORIGIN of CAT MAN! Enjoy and click the pics…

And here are some different versions of Cat Man that I’m seeing on a regular basis. First up we have one of my favorite new artists, Jay Piscopo, and are designed for the upcoming series THE DOMINION! You should find Jay on Facebook and enjoy the near daily goodness that comes from his tablet.

This one is perfect…Cat Man in action!!

Thanks to Jay, here is the Australian version of Cat Man, who later underwent an origin change…

I’m enjoying Project:Superpowers quite a bit and Cat Man is not only nuts at this point, but his name is inverted. Kitten remains the same however because Girl-Cat would just be weird. A more realistic take befitting the series, but I like it a lot-the hood really accentuates the cat part of his name.

DC also has Cat Man, though this one is probably closer to the original than the Project: Superpowers version I jut don’t like the cat scratch fever logo and the claws are overkill. Nice art though.

And here you go…the Secret Origin of THE CAT MAN!


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