Hand Paintedsploitation!

The magic allure of the hand painted posters from Ghana… so rare, so unique and so damned ugly that it boggles the mind. I am always amazed by how exploitation cinema penetrates all cultures, and these are proof that you can’t stop people in search of cheap thrills from finding them. Robowar! The Hard Way! And of course…YOR!!

Enjoy, and don’t forget that you can pick up GHANAVISION at better book stores…


3 thoughts on “Hand Paintedsploitation!

  1. Okay, where did you find that Deadly Prey Poster? Second, Please sell it to me. Deadly Prey is my favorite film of all time. I collect all things Deadly Prey related. I have copies of the film on VHS including the Japanese VHS release and the US release of it under the alternate title Deadly Target. Right now I'm trying to find posters and the only one I have is the Yugoslavian poster. Always looking for more.


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