Castellari and Kommissar X

A few random scans from my boxes of stuff for the morning today… I’ve been in a huge Kommissar X mood of late and these two little inserts came from my friend Bob Sargent (of Videooze infamy) and I just love them. And you know what…I still need THE TIGER GANG!

Some time back I had a surprising Ebay win from Enzo G. Castellari (for one of his films on VHS no less) and he sent me a stack of autographed sheets including a nifty one from Bronx Warriors and a bunch of stuff with Franco Nero, who also signed them. I love Enzo’s films-and you could not ask for a nicer guy to just have contact with either. Click them for bigger images as always!


2 thoughts on “Castellari and Kommissar X

  1. I agree, and approachable as all get out, you can just chat away via email and he is really happy to oblige.
    A friend once wondered if Enzo kept Franco Nero under his bed to sign all these autographs!


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