Yor vs. The Tentacles of Terror!

Some time ago I dedicated a lot of my blogging time to Il Mondo di Yor and found some original comics, posters and was even lucky enough to score a review of the infamous 4 hour television version by Ballistic Blood Bullets blogger Paul Cooke. Well, you can read that review HERE if you missed it. Thanks to a groovy Facebook pal I was pointed to a subtitled (!!) version that looks great and will be the most exciting view of the year I would wager.
I’m a huge fan of this nifty monster battling sequence that did not appear in the exported theatrical version-so I thought it would be fun to share! DIG IT BABY…it is Yor’s World-he’s the man!

Just another day in Yor’s World…he’s the man. But this is a world full of danger! And Corrine Clery in a hot cavegirl outfit.

Something slooshing this way comes…

“Well Ka-Laa, that slurping sound did not emanate from MY loincloth…”


Holy Pigozzi, I get to eat the guy this whole planet is named after…YES!!


AIEEEEE….don’t you want to eat Yor? He’s the man!! Oh wait…cavegirl outfit? Too much?

“I might have formed a different strategy if I’d noticed that axe hanging from Yor’s bel…”


“Fine! That hurt, but would you whack the beautiful cavebabe…I don’t think so you damn talking bo…”


“I’ve got a few arms left and you are going down blondie…you totally messed up that Captain America movie and even on Yor’s World we know about Jack Kirby!”

Ka-Laa gonna knock you out….yeah mama said Knock You OOOOOUT!

“But…but…Fabrizio De Angelis didn’t produce this…not the eye!!”


I can’t even joke, Corinne Clery in action!!

Let’s just sing Ka-Laa’s world from now on!

“Awww…Yor alright pal.”

“Eye will not be forgotten…ARRRRGH! Some doofus named Z shall forever love me….”


4 thoughts on “Yor vs. The Tentacles of Terror!

  1. Hi,

    where I can find the TV version dubbed in italian ?
    I'm an italian guy but I can assure you that this masterpiece is very difficult to find!
    Thank you.


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