Jess Franco DVD Sleeves from Japan

Before vacation I’ve been on a blogging tear! Franco pics, Max Boulois reviews, EuroAction, Brucesploitation… But now it is time to head out. So, here are some scans of the Japanese DVDs for Virgin Among The Living Dead and Female Vampire I have referenced the last few days. Click the scans for good size images-and also you can use the order numbers to try and locate copies for any interested parties. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Jess Franco DVD Sleeves from Japan

  1. I agree Jeremy, these sleeves are really cool and the DVDs are really nice. Female Vampire includes all the “horror” alternate footage (as does the US DVD if I recall correctly) and that Virgin one is fantastic with the complete “Rollin Special Edition” looking quite sharp.
    The Japanese extras gallery for FV is quite nice, I'd never seen that VHS before!


  2. “Someone” needs to put together an amazing art book FILLED with all those VHS covers, lobby cards…advertising art, etc.

    Let me know if theres anyway I can help you out with it…


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