Japanese VHS Covers Archive #2

THE MURDER SECRET–This is one of my favorite tapes, the film was chopped up in Cat In The Brain and stands very well as a splatter film. Directed by Mario Bianchi of Satan’s Baby Doll fame, you really can’t go wrong with this film. Not sure if it was ever released on DVD, but it should be!
COMMANDO INVASION–A Jun Gallardo special starring Cameron Mitchell…awesome fun.

BAMBOO GODS AND IRON MEN– One of my favorite poster designs EVER. That is a beautiful bit of poster art, and the film itself is actually quite a bit of fun. Cesar Gallardo directs this time.

PHANTOM SOLDIERS–This is prime TOUGH TO KILL styled action. It has conspiracies, explosions, bullet blasting battles, more explosions and the Phantom Soldiers themselves. A must.


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