Posters Are Going To Eat You!

Ah, the Cannibal genre…here are just a few examples of the sales pitch one can put on flesh eaters of the living variety! Happy GUT MUNCHING Sunday friends!


6 thoughts on “Posters Are Going To Eat You!

  1. Wow, never seen that poster for Massacre In Dinosaur Valley before, nice. If only it was a continuation, and the 'Missing Movie' Michael Sopkiw signed on to make that never went ahead, eh. Margheriti's Cannibal Apocalypse, a great Eighties favourite & perhaps the greatest 'Holy Crap' special effect for hole in the stomach moment ever 🙂 .


  2. Dino Valley is a stunner and I sure do like that film!That John Morghen getting his stomach removed via Shotgun is a stunner-and combined with the unique (ahem) method of sawing through a victim to get at entrails-it makes Cannibal Apocalypse a classic gore film that offers a lot of action.By the way BB, I saw another film with the girl who plays the babysitter in Cannibal Apocalypse. It is called Libidine and it is amazingly sleazy 🙂


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