Sexy Sexploitation 2: The Big Come Back!

Sexy Sexploitation returns for your weekend pleasure…or pleasuring if you please! One benefit of moving is the daunting task of actually moving all my variously formatted films from one spot to another. And for some odd reason the above film, Top Sensation, jumped out of my DVDr stacks at me as one I must rewatch and soon.
It made me feel funny just remembering all the naughty delights of this Edwige Fenech, Rosalba Neri sleaze-o-thon…it made me think of…
SEXY SEXPLOITATION! A mix of American and Euro delights this time-that Apocalypsis Sexual poster is one I’d love to own!


10 thoughts on “Sexy Sexploitation 2: The Big Come Back!

  1. Sweet Suzy is actually Blacksnake which Meyer tried ot distance himself from. Its one of two films that he really hated the outcome. The other was called 7 seconds


  2. I do as well-these posters are so inspirational to me it is amazing. They are poster art at the purest-they sell the film with so much hyperbole and tempting images it doesn’t matter if the actual films pay off or not. Can you imagine a world where every exploitation film was as good as the poster. I’d need a catheter, a way to shower in front of my tv and a bubble of silence to get through them all!


  3. top sensation is one of the sleaziest and, naturally, most fun films in the euro-sexploitation genre. the scene with edwige fenech and a goat alone is worth the price of admission, and rosalba neri — the way she radiates evil, she’d been burned at the stake in the middle ages, i tell you. she would have made a damn good poison ivy, if, say, jess franco or joe d’amato had made a batman movie. sad they don’t make movies like this anymore. kaushik


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