Italian Invasion at Chiller Convention

WOW…just go look at the list of Eurohorror guests set for Chiller Theatre! I really wish I could make it-this comes on the heels of the Cinema Wasteland show with Christina Lindberg. My entire family is going with me to that one, so it is a lock and replaces a week of vacation time…

But if you go…you best take advantage. I’m triple bummed out to miss Mike Sopkiw, a really funny guy that I spent a great afternoon with having a long lunch. One of my fave Eurocult memories, meeting his wife (a truly talented lady) and hanging with Mike Baronas was awesome. Be sure to get him to sign something groovy. I know I have a crazy Turkish one sheet for Monster Shark that has a huge image of Sopkiw in a speedo, I bet he’d get a kick out of that!

Also, Malisa Longo?? AMAZING!! Luigi Cozzi? The real maestro of Eurotrash Space Operas (beating out Al Brescia by a tiny hair-though The Beast In Space is really fantastic). I have a kick ass Paganini Horror import disc…sniff.
Beatrice Ring? Man, I love Zombi 3 and what a chance to meet her.

Go and make me jealous! Big props to Paura Productions for setting up a truly monumental event. Get a photo with Al Cliver pretending he has one arm, the Jess Franco fan in me would weep at such a sight!

The Best Guest List EVER? Could be!


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