Christina Lindberg sings and YOU listen!

Now dear friends, you know how much I love Christina Lindberg. Beautiful woman, fine actress and fascinating character for sure.
And she sang… Yes. Here it is for your listening pleasure. All I can say is that the covers for this are beautiful and so is the lady. I guess I’d say that I liked Allt Blir Tyst Igen a little more.

A zillion thank you notes to El Bastardo for sharing his copy…

Click the two song titles in the player and enjoy!
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5 thoughts on “Christina Lindberg sings and YOU listen!

  1. I want to thank your for this, but words fall out short, I’m speechless! Been wanting to hear those songs badly, but couldn’t find them anywhere… simply amazing!


  2. Anytime guys, not my rips-but when I found them I had to make sure my fellow Christina fans got to check it out. Phil, that is a fun blog-I’m in Boston and may just be a few years younger-but I remember some great afternoons at The Channel. I was always a bit more in to the Industrial stuff-so this sent me looking for some Big Catholic Guilt.


  3. Wow! I love those gorgeous covers. The songs are really good too. I have no clue what she’s saying, but I love them anyway. Thanks for sharing this with us here.


  4. Sorry guys but the lady on the pictures are not the same lady that sings, they just have the same name… (Swedish women both of them.)


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