Zombies:THE BEGINNING images

A review will follow shortly, but I could NOT resist posting these screen grabs. Zombies: The Beginning feels like a tribute film to Bruno Mattei-and he even made it himself. Easily as fun as Land Of Death (which I adore)… More to post after my second viewing. VIVA MATTEI!


11 thoughts on “Zombies:THE BEGINNING images

  1. I saw this a couple of months back and it’s great trashy fun. Mattei surely new how to make movies which never got boring. I haven’t seen Island of the living dead yet, but if it’s even half as fun as this one, it’s a must.


  2. By Bruno's bulging blood bank I need to see this & Island Of The Living Dead. WOW, so very jealous !!!. Bring me the Bruno oh Lords of giving luck. Paul


  3. I watched Island last night…WOW! Amazing fun stuff. Just drop me an email friends 😉Also, Fred-I don’t have your contact information any more. I’m actually writing the Vibenius article that we discussed way back when AND Christina Lindberg is coming to Ohio next year. I already booked a flight 😉


  4. David: Great to hear! I haven’t met Christina in a while, but I hope I will run into her on some party sooner or later again. I’m staying far away from the movie business now and dropped the connection with most people. Just a bunch of egos. But I’m writing stuff for dvd-releases and have also been involved in the release of Mask Of Murder, the serialkiller-thriller with Christopher Lee that was shot in Sweden in the eighties.


  5. Does anyone know a good source for picking up this DVD? Also, Dave I’m curious if you’re watching either the Czech or the German discs, the only two releases I’ve read about (or is there another?). Man, I miss Xploited Cinema!


  6. The Japanese DVD for Zombies The Beginning is released 19th December 2008. Expensive, yes, but likely the very best source release to hit the street. Available to pre-order at CDJapan. Be sure to Email for their holiday season gift voucher of 500yen before placing an order to make a saving on this. Links for both the voucher & movie below. Paulhttp://www.cdjapan.co.jp/offers/coupon_and_gift_drawing.htmlhttp://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=GNBF-7511


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