Spider-Woman in a Monster Mash!

I’ve recently started watching the bizarre Spider-Woman TV series and could not believe my eyes during Dracula’s Revenge. Werewolves, Dracula and The Frankenstein Monster all in one episode. I’ve always loved the look of Spider-Woman and the original series is great fun. So, here you go… dedicated to my pal Curt at The Groovy Age of Horror-the man that puts the mash up in monsters.

Part 1

Part 2


5 thoughts on “Spider-Woman in a Monster Mash!

  1. Seems you got this from VT4, a commercial broadcasting company from Belgium. Just to confirm the subs are Dutch 😉Looking at the logo, this must have been aired some years ago.


  2. Wowie zowie, that was crazy! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ep of SPIDER-WOMAN so that was quite the revelation. I liked the way the monsters all convert victims by shooting rays at them! When we were at Exhumed this year they showed what I think was an episode of Super Friends with a monster theme as well.


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