Kung Fu Paperbacks article

I have been trying to remember where I read this great article on 70’s Kung Fu paperbacks for quite some time when WHAM…it hit me. The amazing DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU contained tons of good bits by members of the Marvel Team-and this one from #8 is still valuable to fans of 70’s pulp. Enjoy!
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4 thoughts on “Kung Fu Paperbacks article

  1. Hmmm… I read THE BAMBOO BLOODBATH from Striker and got a kick out of it, even though it was in first person. Not great, but not long and full of wacky lines. I’m actually a real live fan o’ Ric Meyers / Wade Barker NINJA MASTER books as well. I read one when they were released and it really messed with me. I actually just got #5 (The Black Magician) and will have read them all once I polish that sucker off. Those are even shorter than Striker and yep, they have a train wreck atmosphere, but they are SLEAZY NINJA books. Two words that may as well be peanut butter and fluff for me. By the way, B,B,B&Broads is one of the best columns on the web! Everyone, go click Bruce’s link.


  2. I have each of the TV Kung Fu novelizations, as well as Super Manchu! I wish I could find that film on DVD, though.I also had the novelization of “Enter The Dragon” but it has gotten lost somehow over the years.There was another series about Kung Fu during the craze for it about a guy called Mace. I’m too lazy to go dig it out of the bookcase and get the actual title.I also have many of the “Deadly Hands of Kung Fu” issues, including the first. Good times, those.


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