Christina Lindberg makes me rise again!

Ah…CHRISTINA. How long could I stay away from posting images of the lovely Lindberg? Not all that long I guess. A huge amount of my traffic comes from my collected Christina page that you can access here. The release of Maid In Sweden on DVD (which you can buy from Xploited Cinema by clicking HERE) made me think of sharing the rest of that awesome photo layout.
ENJOY!! The unlettered version of the cover for the DVD is easily one of the best looks for Christina-someone has a great eye.


6 thoughts on “Christina Lindberg makes me rise again!

  1. Ah, Christina. Have you had a chance to check out the scans of Christina from Selecta No.7, published in 1972, that where recently posted at the She appears to be wearing a wig in the set. All those extra locks do damn fine job of framing that fantastic figure.


  2. Yes indeed, I’ve been a longtime fan of VEF. That is a great community and any readers here that love nude shots should join up-I’ve had many messages from those guys and shared lots of Christina!


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