The Thai-Fi Network and Takácsian Titans

Thailand is just cranking out some fun looking films of late. While they don’t look “good” exactly, both Vengeance and Boa are must see items!!



And is it just me, or has Tibor Takacs really stepped up to become the new director on the Giant Animals Amok scene of late. I enjoyed Kraken:Tentacles Of The Deep and Ice Spiders and am looking forward to MEGA SNAKE!

Tibor Takacs Trailers




2 thoughts on “The Thai-Fi Network and Takácsian Titans

  1. I have enjoyed his recent foray into DTV Creature films, I think it is just a matter of him finding out where he can make some cash and actually get films financed. I like seeing his name much more than Ulli Lommell at this point.


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