Cecilia…"a Jess Franco’s Film"

I finally got my copy of Cecilia from Blue Underground (via XPLOITED CINEMA by the way)-and was quite happy to see some real HIGH QUALITY sleaze here folks. The print looks great to say the least and the movie is as trashy as ever. I’ve yet to see the original Jess Franco film, but the inserts from “Claude Plaut” don’t detract from my enjoyment in the least.
I’m still a bit surprised to see this being a “Jess Franco” film in so many reviews, since it would be just as much a Eurocine composite, but who cares? I did notice a fun little additional title card that is on this print that is not on the only English Language print I’d seen in the past. While directed by Claude Plaut is still there, a freeze frame pops up and inserts this funny credit.

So, there ya have it… Now if anyone can find me a copy of the original Aberraciones Sexuales de una mujer casada I’d be most appreciative! While it certainly is eclipsed by the lovely new release of Eugenie DeSade, I hope all Franco fans are grabbing this disc as well.


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