Tough To Kill blog opens today!

Ah, where have I been? Sorry for the downtime, we had projects and lots of deadlines around these parts. However, I’m happy to announce that a little project over 4 years in the making has launched today. Many years back my I contacted my friend Paul Cooke about writing a book on the European Action Cinema of the 80’s. Does it get any more niche than this? Probably not…but I do love the films. Paul has a gigantic collection, and I’ve grabbed a rather large number from various countries over the years as well. So, here is…

Honestly, I’m fascinated by this period in European Exploitation movies because they are still rather obscure and feature so many great directors and actors all seeking a paycheck that it is a trash fiends wet dream to see them all. From Margheriti, Mattei, Franco and Castellari to uber hacks (yeah, I love ’em) such as Mario Bianchi-everyone was making a Rambo clone. But, as those wacky Europroducers had a tendency to just let the film makers run amok with the little budgets-some of these movies are all out insanity.
And besides, I need a reason to scan all these Japanese VHS covers.

Not only is this project a tribute to the movies, but also to my friend Paul. His boundless enthusiasm ALWAYS brings me back to the films and when you read the joy and affection in his approach to watching these films I think you’ll be like me.
Ready to head into the jungle with a few hundred grand and lots of bullets.

THE HUTS WILL WEEP! Go and check it out today…


8 thoughts on “Tough To Kill blog opens today!

  1. I’m as Excited as Bruno Mattei Directing Reb Brown, & could shout at the top of my voice in tribute, & I’m part of the Euro Team Tough To Kill !!! 🙂 . Enjoy Big Time. Thanks a million times over David. There’s no one else I’d engage or entrust this with. It Can Be Done … Paul


  2. Just today I watched Blastfighter and was looking for info into 80’s rambo rip-off and was a bit sad for the lack of reviews / info Euroaction got, even in the italian and spanish blogsfere.I’m adding it to my feed, this sounds promising!


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