Werewolves And The Blind Dead by Neil Vokes

I was scanning up the original Neil Vokes artwork from Ascension Of The Blind Dead for comicartfans.com this week, and I think it is so great it deserves posting here as well. Neil not only provided this fantastic artwork for my story, he included some cool roughs and work sheets. So, as with Belinsky’s great Eurocine proposals-I present another fantastic artist’s process. I love the way the tiny little drawing fleshes out, and I’m especially fond of the second rough drawing. My somewhat evil Werewolf Woman looks amazing in this draft, truly Vokesian. I left the scans fairly large, so click and dig into the details.
Sometime soon I’ll hopefully be able to present The Claws Of Frankenstein Island as well.
Enjoy this little thing I call The Progression To Ascension Of The Blind Dead. And don’t forget you can see tons of great Vokes art at EAGLE LIVES! And if you want to really see some amazing swag, you should check out Neil’s entries at ComicArtFans.com. Follow the link and tap VOKES into the search box. Monsters and Maidens await.


3 thoughts on “Werewolves And The Blind Dead by Neil Vokes

  1. Very cool… thanks for sharing those sketches DZ. As somebody who would love to have that kind of talent, it’s fun to see something progress from the very rough sketch phase to the great finished art stage. Bravo to Neil and you for being able to flesh out such a great concept into an ultracool piece of art and prose.


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