Eurocine Art Archives – Zombie Lake

Nothing says fun like Zombie Lake in my warped vision of the world. Sure, it is junk… I know that. But I find it really watchable junk. Here is some artwork for your weekend!

This is a photo of my flimsy yet oh so fun Mexican Lobby Card.

A French Lobby that features the evil ZOMBIES IN A POOL!

A Belgian One Sheet with “Zombie’s Lake.” Indeed, it is their lake, we just love it.

The censored French artwork…

And here I am, your humble host. What cracks me up about this picture the most is that I’m just SO proud of my giant Zombie Lake poster that it makes me look like a goof, a feat I accomplish on my own. I had to give this huge artwork up to a friend when we had kids, I’ll never get to hang it and it is so wonderful it should be displayed. I couldn’t even sell it, for fear it would end up in a box. Note: I’m wearing a self made shirt from my old website and I just realized that it is ANOTHER Eurocine poster! Can you guess which one?


9 thoughts on “Eurocine Art Archives – Zombie Lake

  1. Franco did a “Conan” movie? HA! Great “Zombie Lake” posters. And for anyone interested, I did a review of “Zombie Lake” < HREF="" REL="nofollow">HERE<>.


  2. You got it Billy, I’m going to dig out my French poster, it has amazing artwork and the colors just pop off the paper. The loss of that ZL poster was tough, I actually gave it to a friend without kids so he could hang it. It just doesn’t seem right to be stored away. Of course, I have a giant French Grande of YOR done by Druillet that is squared away right now. Hopefully my son will dig Dino’s and Barbarians!


  3. Saw ZOMBIE LAKE for the first time a few months ago. It was actually the first horror flick we watched as a family after my daughter came home from the hospital. Let the warping commence! The funniest thing was laying in bed afterwards explaining to my wife *why* I love that kind o’ trash. And she agreed that it was wonderfully junky but fun cinema. What a keeper!


  4. I remember my son getting the One Armed Swordsman Trilogy showing as his first movie night. So, if you cross some Fu and Zombies in a Lake-I bet our little ones could have one hell of a story in mind when they are in the Eurotrash Paradise Mach 2.


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