A New Project…and MORE Christina Lindberg!

With the Thriller / They Call Her One Eye Archive closing, I can’t resist posting more Christina Lindberg…so scroll down and enjoy a few images.
So this sets me a bit adrift-and then it hit me in the forehead like an image from a Franco flick. The release of the Mario Bava book, and my inability to afford it got me to thinking about what I most want to know from that monster sized tome. There is someone very close to that story who has worked in the genre cinema for 40 + years that seems to get less respect then he should. Actually, I would say that this is a man whose life in cinema has provided me endless entertainment and enjoyment. His work changed my life, at least in the cinematic sense. And the film that did just that has just been re-issued in a fantastic transfer on DVD! And I just watched a recent film from Italy made by this same person that floored me with the return to basic Italian TRASH cinema with all the style that set it apart all those years ago.
Who might this be? How much space will I devote to him? Well, it will be similar to the Thriller project! Images, reviews and hopefully more as I collect as much as I can about one of the guys I would go to the mat to defend anytime, anywhere and will always admire for his ability to ride out the Italian Genre wave, even if he has to paddle in the pool to make a tiny wave for himself.

Starting soon…

And of course, I promised Christina Lindberg. A little something I whipped up for your pleasure-and mine!


3 thoughts on “A New Project…and MORE Christina Lindberg!

  1. Thanks for the amazing Christina slideshow…I would like to have a mammoth coffee table book of just photographs of her…also looking forward to your Lamberto tribute. I admire him a lot and have really liked a lot of his films…keep up the great work…


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