Mario Bava Box Bonanza!!

While hunting for a good price on Mario Bava Box 2 (and you can read the specs for this one at Mario Bava Biographer Tim Lucas’ Video Watchblog here) I stumbled over a sale at for Anchor Bay titles.
Being a cheapassDVD buyer these days I was shocked to see that you could put together a fantastic deal on the Bava sets if you act quickly!
Here is the sale:

Now you can snag Bava Box 1 for $22.87, Box 2 (8 films with 2 versions of Rabid Dogs) for $30.18 AND you can add a bonus disc for FREE! I’d recommend getting ERIK THE CONQUERER!

While I can’t afford to get Tim Lucas’ Bava book – my new daughter weighs less than that tome, but requires clothing and food – this is an amazing deal to see the works of one of Italian Cinema’s finest filmmakers in action.

Speaking of the Bava book, look at how happy it made our man Neil Vokes. I figure if he had a little whiskey and Irish stew in him something very naughty might happen next! Sweet sweet lovin’, sweet sweet indeed.


10 thoughts on “Mario Bava Box Bonanza!!

  1. Note to Douglas —ERIK is NOT included in the second box set; it’s only being sold separately. Some people who saw the box specs on my blog missed spotting the line dividing the box contents from three separate releases (ERIK, BLACK SUNDAY, BLACK SABBATH). So do NOT change your order!


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