Eugenie DeSade Photobustamania!

I’ve been, to quote a favorite blog, In A Jess Franco State Of Mind of late. I had my first trip through Plaisir A Trois last night and somehow found myself searching for um…pictures…yeah… of Alice Arno today. Something for under the mattress if you will. But along the way I bumped into these incredible Photobusta style bits of epehemera from a real favorite of mine. Eugenie DeSade is perhaps my favorite Soledad Miranda film, and this 4 piece set is astonishing.
I’m still on the hunt for Alice Arno… more on that front soon!
Dig the DeSade groove!


2 thoughts on “Eugenie DeSade Photobustamania!

  1. These are incredible. This is probably my favorite Franco-Miranda film, although I have a real fondness for “She Killed In Ecstasy” also. These are really beautiful..thanks forposting


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