Temporal Redundancy-Richard Eagle Lives!!

A new project in the works that should be keeping me busy is the freshly launched EAGLE LIVES blog called Temporal Redundancy-The Inner Circle Of Richard Eagle. Eagle is one of my all time favorite comics, one that came during the black and white boom of the 80’s, yet managed to keep a place in my imagination for the decades that followed. A mixture of crazed martial arts, science fiction, alternate timelines and name drops and inspiration from many of my own favorite genres and films-Eagle simply ruled the stands in my mind.
In a totally unrelated fashion I met Neil Vokes-via the Eurotrash Paradise. You couldn’t meet a nicer guy with that much talent if you tried, and I think he was a little surprised when on one of my first posts I called him Neil “EAGLE” Vokes. Neil has done a whole lot of stuff (check out the sidebar on the Eagle Lives site for proof) and has finally gone back to what I think of as his home base…Richard Eagle.
Yeah, Eagle is super bad!
Now that is exciting for me as a reader, because I’ve become quite jaded these days and spend more time reading my Essential Marvel books then anything on the stands today-so I’m down for a reason to hit the comic shops again. But even cooler was that I’ve actually become involved in the project. I’ll be updating the Eagle blog in a slew of styles, all of which I think are pretty exciting…. so if you are a comics fan, by all means check it out. You like martial arts movies? You need to see this book. And just wait, nobody draws the weird and wacked out mega mindways of the internal struggle of man vs. orb like Vokes. Believe me on that…you’ll dig it. So go, read it and I’ll be posting more Thriller: A Cruel Picture stuff this weekend as well. I’m super close to a new family arrival, so all engines are go go go!


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