Looking Good With LAURA GEMSER! The Workout for ME!

Recently I had a flood in my basement that squished some of my beloved VHS. Lucky for me I have some kind trash fiends (urr…pals) that helped fill a few of the gaps up quickly. But this extra bit dropped onto tape by Asian Film scholar Jeff Segal literally had me spitting up my drink. AMAZING!! Here are some screen caps from Looking Good With Laura Gemser. Yes, the Emmanuellerific Diva does workout. She doesn’t actually work out at all, but she does sit there looking good. Producer Corliss Randall is wife to the late great Dick Randall-and she can be seen on the Mondo Macabro dvd for The French Sex Murders! It is a shame that a Bruce Lee clone doesn’t appear, ah…let me dream.
You can find more on Corliss by clicking this link to the archived version of her website.

The BEST part of all this has to be that the workout voice is one of Gemser’s frequent dubbers. I don’t know this womans name, but it made me incredibly happy to hear those tinkly tones. Also, whatever Gemser said on set doesn’t go with the dubbing at all!
I’d caption all these, but they speak for themselves… I’ll send you on your way with some quotes from “Laura.” Don’t pull any muscles!

“Come join us and get yourself a whole new body that you’ll love… and so will everyone else!”

“Hi, my name is Laura Gemser and I work in the movies.”

“Flat stomachs, tight buttocks, slim hips and firm thighs…these are your goals.”

“No fat allowed in the movies…right??”


7 thoughts on “Looking Good With LAURA GEMSER! The Workout for ME!

  1. You could have knocked me out with a sweat sock when I popped it in the VCR. Amazing stuff…I had never ever heard of it either. I wonder if it was commercially released. I guess it was probably just called LOOKING GOOD.


  2. Good news, Code Red has released this on DVD.Even better, it’s a double bill with a Christina Lindberg feature (Secrets Of Sweet Sixteen)!!Check it out at Amazon for example.


  3. I saw that (UGLY) DVD cover. I’m really glad that Jeff Segal passed it along to me back when this was written. This page is in the top 5 most viewed on my blog and I hope we had a little hand in getting the world this amazing little video on DVD. Or not, I’m just glad to see it out there!


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