Impulse Pictures Shows YOU What Parents Don’t Think Possible!!

Ah, the Schoolgirl Report films. If you like Sexploitation flicks then this sub genre is a must to explore. Ernst Haufbauer was the master of the game, and finally the US is getting releases of this series via Impulse Pictures. I covered Impulse’s earlier release of the Swedish sexer Justine and Juliette in this post-and hope that all you naughty nuts will support another disc! So go…check out Schoolgirl Report Volume 1: What Parents Don’t Think Possible!!

Here is the write up from Xploited Cinema-I’ll try and review this one ASAP. For the good of science.
And DVD history as well.

Naw…I just love this stuff! VIVA IMPULSE PICTURES!!!


2 thoughts on “Impulse Pictures Shows YOU What Parents Don’t Think Possible!!

  1. I’m curious about the School Girl films since I love the Gert Wilden soundtracks for them. I bought the “Schulmädchen Report” soundtrack on impulse because I really like Wilden and the sexploitation cover caught my attention. I hope you’ll share your review soon!


  2. That CD is outstanding I agree. The School Girl report films are very groovy sexploitation films, I guess your milage will vary based on how much you enjoy that kind of fare. What is interesting to me is just how many different excuses (urrr…situations) they find in these “Report/Documentary” films to show nudity. The ones that veer off into sleaze territory remind me of the sweaty NYC cinema of the 60’s in a good way.


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