Final Year End…My favorite Blog

Well, the last of the wrap up before we move forward here in the Tomb. My favorite BLOG of the year is a tough category… there are many to enjoy on a daily basis. The Horror Blog is a favorite of mine, and I think the best up and coming blog I’ve witnessed is the great Giallo Fever. Giallo Fever is one of those things that I think could become a great reference in years to come… if only the author could team up with Craig Ledbetter to get all of his reviews up there as well. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a post like the ones going up there. Screencaps and uploading, never mind viewing and writing are all time consuming…so my thanks go to the author in advance. I appreciate all the work.
But as was last year, Curt Purcell’s sure to be Rondo winning GROOVY AGE OF HORROR is a frequent stop for evil fumetti I would never have heard of, sleazy groovy nurses, naughty Frankenstein creatures, evil Christmas monsters and much much more. Check in on him on a frequent basis and you never know what you’ll discover along with Curt. That is the key to good blogging-discovery. I love to discover new stuff with an enthusiastic host, and Groovy Age is infused with the sensibility of a man ready to hurl his money into foriegn currency and shoot for the moon with every purchase. So…here is my little tribute to the site…now stop reading this and go check it out if you already have not done so.


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