Year End…DVD Review Website

There sure are lots of people hunting for freebi (uh..) DVD review sites out there. Some are excellent, some are barely literate…but my favorite of the year is by far Joe Horror. This site takes a really grounded and grindhouse attitude to the movies that you see on the video or shop shelves and scratch your head at as a horror fan. Slick covers, great box copy…and many many many horrible films. I think that horror fans are trawlers by nature, grabbing anything that shines bright in the heap or trashcan they are searching through. This year horror marketing stepped up, and so did Joe and the Crew.
They take the bullets…we all benefit! Not only that, but they cover Eurohorror, sexploiation and anything else that the genre called “horror” provides.

Viva Joe Horror! Now go read it…


4 thoughts on “Year End…DVD Review Website

  1. Z… the link from the Joe Horror graphic points to the graphic on their site. Looks like a cool site, though. I hate the reviews on NetFlix where people rent something like ZOMBIE NATION and give it one star and say “This movie is terrible!” Do these people even *like* horror films. Sigh.

    Keep up the great work!!


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