Atlas Comics Iron Jawed Barbarian…IRONJAW!

A recent email regarding my Atlas Comics posts inquired as to my favorite of the books. I can’t say I have one, so many of them go right for the stuff I like. Monsters popped up in superhero books constantly. Monsters WERE superhero leads. Heck, this line of books did a lot of monsters-and I dug on ’em all.
But if one book was the most memorable for me it would be Ironjaw #4. At last, the origin of the big bear trap on Ironjaws face was revealed and it still holds up as great jaw dropping comics. Get it? Jaw…aw you get it.
While it started OK, when Pablo Marcos took over on the art with the second issue the whole thing came together. Barbarians, magic, monsters and mayhem galore. But NOTHING could have prepped my wee brain for this origin. Check it out, these pages are burnt into my (then impressionable and now just plain warped) mind. From Ironjaw #4…. THE flashback! Click the thumbnails for full sized copies!

All you can say is OUCH!! Beautiful Marcos artwork on that page 11 as well. This is a great series that sadly only lasted the four issues-grab em if you enjoy the sword and sorcery genre-or just like plain old good bashing action. Ironjaw is quite the sexist heel as well…

Here is the World Of Ironjaw text from the first issue as well…. More Atlas looks to come!


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