Tough To Kill! The Art Of Action!

In my recent trawling for stuff that I can not purchase online, I did some searches for some paper to celebrate one of my favorite action films, Joe D’Amato’s truly awesome TOUGH TO KILL. A great film that features Luc Merenda and Donal O’Brien that I’ve watched more than I care to admit-this one isn’t a bullets and bomb fiesta that many other Italian Action films tend to become. Instead it is a sleazy little tale of blood and betrayal and the funniest twist Waboo ever. I wanted to review the film for my 100th post (coming up after this one), but with some moving and the like underway I may have to swap up the plan. So…here is some poster art for this great flick. More to follow…


One thought on “Tough To Kill! The Art Of Action!

  1. that 2nd tough to kill poster, the small one with the pipe, I just got that on ebay along with a bunch of Italian posters of movies I never heard of… I have yet to open the package yet – saving it for a rainy day.


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