GASPing and Etc!

The new issue of GASPetc… is online as of this morning. Amidst the chaos you get to check out a great piece on the original Leatherface-Gunnar Hansen, an interview with Dave Lombardo of Slayer, an interview I conducted with The Giallos Flame recently, a slew of movie reviews (including some of my takes on The Return Of The Living Dead Girls, Snakes On A Train and more) and even some book and comic reviews (including my peek at the John Russo storied Escape Of The Living Dead series and a review of James’ Newman and Futchs Night Of The Loving Dead). Very cool, and the site looks great.

Also, I want to give a plug to Abominable, a really fun little Bigfoot film released by Anchor Bay. While it certainly isn’t the horrifying experience promised by the Ain’t It Cool News plug, it does have all the elements of a classic Saturday Afternoon Shriek-Out. Fast paced and gory with a crew of hot women being pestered by Da Squatch (including the lovely and thankfully nude Tiffany Shepis) while under the watch of Matt McCoy as a wheelchair bound manic trauma victim. Rear Window meets Night Of The Demon (the Yeti one)? Sure…why not? A great score from Lalo Schifrin helps out… and after scratching my head how they got him to do this…up pops his son Ryan’s name as director. Worth your hour and a half for sure.

ABOMINABLE Anchor Bay TV spot
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4 thoughts on “GASPing and Etc!

  1. Dude, you are a Rock and Roll Undead God for this post.

    Aside from being a huge Shepis fan, the link to had reveiws to two movies I just happened to add to my Netflix queue today. After those reviews I bumped both of them up to the top.



  2. DZ… surprised by your “C” rating for SNAKES ON A TRAIN. Loved every low-budget minute and I agree that it’s what exploitation is all about, *not* that lame excuse for a cult flick. Looking forward to catching ABOMINABLE…


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