Zombie Lake…my favorite poster of ALL TIME!

I found this really ugly .jpg on an old hard drive and couldn’t resist working it over, cleaning and balancing it out to preserve what is my favorite poster of any I’ve ever owned and hung in my home. Eurocine’s classic to some and reviled by most zombie flick, directed by Jean Rollin of all people, Zombie Lake is a film I never tire of. Sure it is silly, cheap and poorly constructed… but I just enjoy this movie so much that it goes beyond the “critical” and into the obsessive.
The poster is actually a French 4 sheet that must have been hung (and if you look you can see the word LAC in reverse since it was written in marker on the back)… and for years it hung on my wall.
In hindsight I find it amazing, seriously amazing, that my then girlfriend and now wife tolerated this gigantic creature. I guess she knew what she was getting into after seeing me gleefully gawking every day. Once we learned that our son was on the way I knew it was time for me to take it down… While my They Call Her One Eye poster is still up, somehow this cheapy zombiesploitation paper-that is nearly as tall as daddy-was just way too much even for me. I had to take down my Al Adamson Brain Of Blood (with Morrow artwork!)…and Zombie Lake was on the chopping block. Yet I could not just fold up something like this. Instead, I found the only home I knew for it with a trusted friend and hopefully it remains unfurled for all to see. An hour or so worth of restoration and here is an image that I love…uncensored unlike all the other scans I’ve seen! No yellow bikini here… Click the scan (or download the .jpg) for the full sized version. I have to laugh whenever I notice that the branch covering our bathers crotch looks like a picture TAPED OVER the spot. It’s hard to see in the scan. Also, I had a tough time brightening up the top credits, but they aren’t exactly popping out on the original. Enjoy… I know I do…every time I see this image!


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