Posters of Petrification…Revived! Monsters of the Deep!

I’m a fanatic for killer animals, most especially monsters from the ocean depths. So, to relaunch the Posters of Posters Of Petrification I’ve gone and put up some fishy terror! Maybe it was the scarring I received at the teeth of JAWS as a young boy (my parents wouldn’t let me see it, so I snuck in…bad move!)–but man I can never ever get enough of the underwater menaces that make up horrors beastly subgenre. The Killer Crocodile one is a wee out of place, but I love the image and it is a Larry Ludman flick as well…and I love those!
The first one is a bollywood film that I’d love to see entitled Aatank. If you know where to get this, please please PLEASE let me know!

Enjoy and beware in the bathtub, take heed of your toilet and watch the waves! BLUB BLUB…


3 thoughts on “Posters of Petrification…Revived! Monsters of the Deep!

  1. i’m not nearly as big on the “large aquatic monsters eating stuff” genre as you, but i have a very neato Turkish 1-sheet for Castellari’s Great White


  2. That is a cool flick when it comes to art. Is it the one with the girl on the raft with the shark coming up under her? I think I’ve only seen that as the (aborted) US poster myself.

    I have to scan my DevilFish poster sometime, that one is another insane Turkish delight.


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