Penetrators, Spiders and Doctor Orient!

I got caught up doing my entry for this weeks Horror Roundtable (a great question that I really liked answering for this week, be sure to tune in) and thought it might be fun to share some paperback images since my writing time is being captured by a little boy saying “up! up! up!” for a while.
Since they aren’t the crispest images in the world I doubled em up-be sure to click and enlarge, these are more for fun than any kind of archiving and I hope you dig em.
So, first off we have two nice ones from Frank Lauria’s fun psychic detective series, Doctor Orient. I like these books, they are strange and sort of mellow at times-great pulpy coolness. By accident I found a Doctor Orient comic strip in the back of some Scorpio Rose issues as well… more on those once I can find all the published books!

Then we hop on over to a few action books, including ManKill Sport from the awesome PENETRATOR series. Gorgeous artwork for this Most Dangerous Game tale. Then check out this biker sleazy by Arthur Lyons-All God’s Children.

Finally…I have to share some horror love, and what says horror trash more than killer…SPIDERS? Aieee…and BEETLES as well. ICK! I have to read both of these (and find THE WEB by the same author) post haste!


3 thoughts on “Penetrators, Spiders and Doctor Orient!

  1. Black Horde was published here as The Devil’s Coach Horse – it’s a rather grim beetle that lives in the UK and think it got it’s name from reminding people of a funeral coach! I once ran across one and it reared it’s tail like a scorpion…ade


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