Air Fighters of the Golden Age!

I’ve been reading a lot of Golden Age comics of late and couldn’t resist sharing these with everyone! Next up is a review of SURVIVOR by J.F. Gonzalez that is taking some time to really get finished. A powerful book and a flawed masterwork…but more later on that.

Dig these and have a swell weekend AirBoys and Valkyries!


7 thoughts on “Air Fighters of the Golden Age!

  1. Whoa!!–dig that axe!! Got the package, DaveZ–and wondering how, as many books as you’ve sent me and as many books as I have, you’ve never yet sent me a book I already have. ?!? Thanks man! They all look fantastic! 😉


  2. Those Airboy books are great. I was one of the kids who got sucked in during the 80’s revival. It would be nice to see some color reprints.


  3. I love the almost kitsch style of these covers – reminiscent of Al Feldstein’s quirky stuff at E.C. Who is doing the AIRBOY art David?Ade


  4. The guy I notice the most on Airboy is Fred Kida and his work is quite keen in my opinion. The books had work from lots of other artists, but his is the most recognizable from all the books I’ve looked at.You can find more on him here: it is interesting that he came back many years later to do some inking, including LUKE CAGE 25!


  5. I never really hooked into the Airboy revival, and I certainly haven’t read enough of the originals – but I love what I’ve seen! I remember some of those 80s Dave Stevens covers catching the Golden Age flavour spot on.


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