Bruno Mattei W.I.PS One Out! Trashers Unite in ’06!

Ahhh…today is a GOOD day in trashfiend land as the nets resident trash hound THE GOMMORAHIZER pointed out TwitchFilms page that links to the newest unleashing from Bruno Mattei…THE JAIL. Now, I’m a huge fan of Bruno…beyond huge really, he is one of my favorites and his recent work has been lots of fun to watch (especially Commandos Vs. Cannibals / Land of Death). THIS looks like a gem of Matteism… and yep, that waterfall makes another appearance. Just watch the trailer, and be sure to poke around the other trailers on the Twitch site, it’s good filthy fun! Download this sucker and enjoy… THE JAIL TRAILER!
All Hail Bruno!

To celebrate the kind works of Bruno Mattei, I’ve included some lobbies from that post nuke trash classic…RATS: Nights of Terror. A truly great film, and the first item on show is my autographed poster by good old RICHARD RAYMOND himself… Big thanks to Mike Baronas for thinking of a Rats fan while he was interviewing Mattei! I love how the poster compares Mattei to HITCHCOCK. Well, I like Bruno’s films better myself. Like I said… ALL HAIL BRUNO MATTEI! Long may he crank out these films. Click them pics for the big versions!


6 thoughts on “Bruno Mattei W.I.PS One Out! Trashers Unite in ’06!

  1. What is that title on the lobby cards, The Riffs III? Was this being passed off as a sequel somewhere? And that subtitle “Die Ratten Von Manhattan” is awesome, whatever it means.Great post.


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