Weekend Work and a Comic Strip from the Archives!

This weekend was super productive at Tomb It May Concern as I spent about 14 hours writing, re-editing and primping up stuff for the forthcoming GASPEtc… launch. I’m particularly happy to see Enthralled By The Bare Breasted Countess (a loving tribute to Lina Romay) going someplace after the fold of it’s former home. Also look for a short story (The Scream Box) and various and sundry reviews, including Goblet of Gore.
BUT, while going through stuff and digging out my old draft of the Lina article I found a TON of miscellania. Here is a strip that was done by myself and Cristian Alaminos a few years ago entitled Balance In Blood. It was a VERY chopped down version of a longer story I had written, but fun to look at. Cristian was drawing a series with me called Magnificent Shadow Fighters, but he seems to have fallen off the spinning globe for the last year or so. Well, I’ll post the finished art to that soon then…

Click the pics for larger readable versions of this little ditty…


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